At the heart of our services lies Strategy, as we determine each client’s individual needs through a thorough examination of the company/organization and its sector. This includes both competition and peers. By doing so, we can offer a SWOT analysis that will help us see where the client fits in the communications landscape and determine a detailed roadmap leading to specific goals.

This will lead to a robust strategy plan covering all touch points, including external (corporate responsibility and media relations), as well as internal communication by employing a fully integrated Traditional and Digital toolkit.


Consulting and providing creative services are integral parts of our overall strategy. We are at your disposal for any fine tunings during the implementation process, depending on extraneous variables that will need to be taken into consideration, as well as adjustments for the optimization of the overall strategy.

In doing so, we provide top-notch copyrighting, and creative services that complement and promote your key messaging.


This requires a proactive approach, with a strong understanding of the local and regional dynamics to design effective plans that support our client’s business objectives. We aim at preventing crisis situations or minimizing the impact of any negative event on the client’s reputation, starting from the early stages of communication plan creation.

Media training is a mandatory course that all employees and executives must undergo. It includes a well-structured script, with word limits and emphasis on staying within the main message, as well as possible questions and answers. An easy to remember guideline for every employee and executive, who may be an unofficial spokesperson through their own Social Media Assets

The ‘Crisis Management’ service is a perfect fit for companies and corporations that are looking to stock up their crisis management arsenal. By including our expert consultants, you will be able to build an infrastructure that will help minimize the aftermath of a major corporate crisis, whether it’s an unexpected situation or a tragedy. This approach will enable you and your team effectively deal with any challenging situation in order to minimize the misery and damage caused by it.

Online Reputation Management or ORM is a difficult process, which requires investment and continuous attention. It requires creating tools, contracts and processes to be used in the case of a potential crisis. It is the most effective measure against crises that may occur within Social Communities, as it uses all possible channels and assets to manage a response and minimize its impact.


ASIST’s communication strategy helps you nurture and maintain relationships with those who matter most to your success, including customers, key opinion leaders, investors, and more.