Google Ads may help a company to pursue new qualified relevant traffic, or potential business leads, to your business while the potential buyers are searching for products and services like yours. Google Ads is more than just advertising – it’s an advanced automated advertising platform that helps businesses reach millions of customers every day. Google Ads allows your business to pay only when there’s a meaningful interaction with your ad, including clicks on your ads or calls from your website. When someone visits your website after clicking an ad, they are called a “branded search result” lead.

The main benefit of paid search marketing is speed. This medium can produce results in as little as few hours, while the organic process may take days or weeks. Paid search campaigns are also more measurable than organic efforts because Google Analytics allows you to track not only how well your ads are performing, but also to which keywords and ad copy combinations convert better.


Search can be paid search and organic search/SEO. There are similarities and differences between paid and organic search, but from a search engine’s perspective, they want to drive more traffic to clicks that they will ultimately get paid for.
Paid search advertising, or PPC, is a format where advertisers bid on search terms to show ads when users search for them. For example, if an advertiser bids $5 for “lawn chairs,” when someone searches for the term, their ad will appear above other results; this higher position can increase visibility and drive more clicks. In some cases, paid results may appear at the top of the page (known as placement), but this is becoming less common due to social norms that have evolved around the internet with regards to content curation.

Paid search advertising will always remain an important marketing channel due to its high conversion rate, but it has limited reach because only people searching online are targeted through it


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